"The wind flows on making obstacles it's lyre,
While it still learns to distinguish among the fire."

Friday, 22 March 2013

Dew Drop

By the day the dazzling delude
Then the silence of the obscure
The night betide bearing bare the feud
These drops not the charming chore.

That which in hiding fell
Incessantly to perch as pearl
Washing well the squalor before bell
Oh! plead i take them through ordeal.

To lay naked nocturnal soul
That chose instead to stay silent
To obey the pledged parole
It not worthy of perennial penitent.

In plentiful the pearl tonight
Still sees it the concave down
And cold they'll say, assuredly right,
Pleads color that turned to frown.

Rise again will the derisive discourse
Scornfully swallowing the silent soul
Reminiscent remains of recursive remorse
For no whole it shall bear in its parole.

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