"The wind flows on making obstacles it's lyre,
While it still learns to distinguish among the fire."

Friday, 22 March 2013

Dew Drop

By the day the dazzling delude
Then the silence of the obscure
The night betide bearing bare the feud
These drops not the charming chore.

That which in hiding fell
Incessantly to perch as pearl
Washing well the squalor before bell
Oh! plead i take them through ordeal.

To lay naked nocturnal soul
That chose instead to stay silent
To obey the pledged parole
It not worthy of perennial penitent.

In plentiful the pearl tonight
Still sees it the concave down
And cold they'll say, assuredly right,
Pleads color that turned to frown.

Rise again will the derisive discourse
Scornfully swallowing the silent soul
Reminiscent remains of recursive remorse
For no whole it shall bear in its parole.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Transcending Reality

Distant from the gloomy glen,
Floating floe- sit i beside the bear.
Dove sail above, against painted heaven
As melodies from luminescent lyre fill the air.

Infinite spread of virgin water,
Kisses the cradle- i make a wish,
For once with no strings to deter,
As buddy bear plucks out a fish!

Sitting serene beside the cuddly fur,
Distant are dots of dancing ellipse,
All so distinct in this momentary blur,
As joy fills my vein- the ephemeral eclipse.

Emerges from heavens against downing day
'bove beautiful blues as open shiny lids,
Descends the damsel of my dreams, down wonder way,
Amorous aroma alters the air- sail above golden cupids.

The moment stayed and lived i a lifetime,
Then emerged day- this a reminiscent repeat,
Shut my lids i to celebrate the rues of rhyme,
Through code of cheat for sorrow beat. 

Thursday, 20 September 2012


Taken out and happy,
But now receding.
Fear hovering heavy,
Belief bleeding.

Am i a drag
from the past?
The permanent tag
with shadows cast.

The change evident
and i consider,
The limbo and help distant,
Lugubrious fear.

Certain conviction
of the rolling wheel.
shall only heal!

Dusk has it gone
War or mercy
Everyday a dawn,
Sun - on happy duty.

Tender drops of rain,
Falleth on all they,
On every varied place-
absorbed or drained away.

Stars- distant
Jewels of heavenly bride,
Happy and content,
people look up sans or with sulky pride.

The soldier
Solid, singular- a human,
Looks beyond the blur,
Wounded, and is up again.

Books, smile they stacked,
People walk past.
But at length it talked
to readers with wisdom to last.

From the dot to the make,
Step back from the tunnel,
Woken up - now stay awake,
Don't let the wind waver the candle.

Bird and the Birda

Bustling brook, rustling leaves
Impatient lion dances as the beaver beaves.
Rues the birda aloud, insecure,
Declares the bird- i'm cooler for sure!

Buddies good they'd been, but not any more,
If its coolness, its not to be compromised for!
Ridiculous, rubbished birda, said it with a scoff,
Damnit, all right then, said the bird- lets have a face off.

Arrogance unrestrained, set forth the two;
Culinary skills, both inviting the animal kingdom for a chew.
Opened the birda and bird, [both veg] , a restaurant each,
On supplies they short, so badass birda stole the platypus's egg from the beach.
Laughed in merriment all animals at the birda's place,
Customers though few, the bird didn't stoop to disgrace.

One month later platypus's kids don't arrive,
Outraged bird asks- 'why this senseless strive?'
Loafed the lonely birda, alcohol coming to his heed,
Even the bird sad without his friend, got high on weed.

Rumbling, tumbling, through the jungle, bumped into each other, sobbed and hugged, and agreed they were as cool as another!

Saturday, 17 March 2012

The Eternal Wait

done, decided, diminished discussions dissolved - now nervous
evening sometime, i'll call to confirm - exciting encompass.
panicking he now, lists long, recipe and song, selective or variety?
heart pounding, can't decide a thing, aiming at entirety.
once again, sets the curtain, the lighting, the colors and rethinks
new ideas, a foot in the dining, other in the kitchen- reverts, recollects.
every minute memory, every sparkling surprise, and arranges accurately
images, flowers, balloons, glitters and candles happily, nicely and neatly.

then looks to the finest detail and just sits - stares 'gain and stares 'gain.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

it and the other

It is that erected those talls,
While the other sang besides the falls.
It is that saw the waves, the sea,
While the other absorbed it's serenity.

It is that since yester years,
Constantly feeding the rationality it bears,
While the other, solemnly sees and hears,
And responds with smiles or tears.

For when it cried,
All saw, all tried.
The other- saturated, invisible drops,
Believes beautiful bonding beyond shops.

He goes on as far as it flies,
Until the other orders him otherwise.

The other almost confined to him alone
Knows him to the tiniest tone.
The other calls out to him,
For his joys or his grim.

It partially reveals- the world easily sees,
While only an other feels when the other conceals.

Loves to yonder, he, besides the lazy lake,
Now and then- loves to take a li'l break!

Do drop in to sing and laugh,
When he a whole- not split in half.
Happy remarks and a glued wide smile,
These- but guests for a li'l while.

Hitherto knew nothing, never felt it either
Separate worlds of it and the other-
in joy or when things pained
Both together smiled or complained.

Today- very few moments spent not battled
It has to smile, while both remain rattled.

Some day he'll abolish this duality
The two shall remain together merrily
It alone shall last a life
It the glue, not the knife.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

dump the haste

Measured talks
the change.
Escaping walks
the change.

Harrowing reality,
Heart and part
Suffering duality
Strange a start.

Monetary invasion
Invading calmness,
Calmness' rejection
Maintaining finesse.

Search a wow
Disregard a minor,
Kill this now
Live a player.

Different no s
Change his own,
Difference knows
Dethrones the throne.

Fun time
change cruel,
Now a crime
Internal duel.

Scanning credential
before conversation
This change disgusting
LOATHS this thinking.

Frozen now tears
were pearls hitherto,
Mirage disappears
Into the darkened blue.

Something suddenly hollow
Change, Ah! that 'morrow
Tear into the marrow,
lies joy or cries sorrow?

Strategies aplenty
cannot cheat,
Reminiscent purity
Repeats a beat.

Wheels roll,
Change the friction
Shaken stroll,
Ah! Just a silly sensation.

Haunting imagination
Change forced
Change divorced!

Dumps the haste
Amongst 'intimidating' talls,
Sun to the taste
Yearns to resemble falls.