"The wind flows on making obstacles it's lyre,
While it still learns to distinguish among the fire."

Sunday, 29 January 2012

it and the other

It is that erected those talls,
While the other sang besides the falls.
It is that saw the waves, the sea,
While the other absorbed it's serenity.

It is that since yester years,
Constantly feeding the rationality it bears,
While the other, solemnly sees and hears,
And responds with smiles or tears.

For when it cried,
All saw, all tried.
The other- saturated, invisible drops,
Believes beautiful bonding beyond shops.

He goes on as far as it flies,
Until the other orders him otherwise.

The other almost confined to him alone
Knows him to the tiniest tone.
The other calls out to him,
For his joys or his grim.

It partially reveals- the world easily sees,
While only an other feels when the other conceals.

Loves to yonder, he, besides the lazy lake,
Now and then- loves to take a li'l break!

Do drop in to sing and laugh,
When he a whole- not split in half.
Happy remarks and a glued wide smile,
These- but guests for a li'l while.

Hitherto knew nothing, never felt it either
Separate worlds of it and the other-
in joy or when things pained
Both together smiled or complained.

Today- very few moments spent not battled
It has to smile, while both remain rattled.

Some day he'll abolish this duality
The two shall remain together merrily
It alone shall last a life
It the glue, not the knife.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

dump the haste

Measured talks
the change.
Escaping walks
the change.

Harrowing reality,
Heart and part
Suffering duality
Strange a start.

Monetary invasion
Invading calmness,
Calmness' rejection
Maintaining finesse.

Search a wow
Disregard a minor,
Kill this now
Live a player.

Different no s
Change his own,
Difference knows
Dethrones the throne.

Fun time
change cruel,
Now a crime
Internal duel.

Scanning credential
before conversation
This change disgusting
LOATHS this thinking.

Frozen now tears
were pearls hitherto,
Mirage disappears
Into the darkened blue.

Something suddenly hollow
Change, Ah! that 'morrow
Tear into the marrow,
lies joy or cries sorrow?

Strategies aplenty
cannot cheat,
Reminiscent purity
Repeats a beat.

Wheels roll,
Change the friction
Shaken stroll,
Ah! Just a silly sensation.

Haunting imagination
Change forced
Change divorced!

Dumps the haste
Amongst 'intimidating' talls,
Sun to the taste
Yearns to resemble falls.

he will never grow up..

On the verge of victory, struck by God's own fury,
For once he felt His jury perform human mimicry. 
Flowing smoothly hitherto, freezing, becoming hard,
Into a shell he succumbed with a permanent guard.

Like feathered forms trapped within an open barred cage,
Withdrawing into his tiny haven, dreaming of the big stage. 
Some search him beyond expressions, detecting wrong,
Create an illusion where he thought he always did belong.

Now corpse like inachus amongst dead leaves,
Seeking inspiration to fly beyond happy, haunting memories. 
Little kid- had never for the passing chill, but couldn't refrain,
From the occasional complain but then thought again.

It's after the sun's scorch the heavens do pour down rain,
Sometimes to wash, sometimes to cover the unjust stain. 
The entire world is never together dark
There is always a new path to embark.

The wind flows on making obstacles it's lyre,
While it still learns to distinguish amongst the fire. 

He does realise, his sacrifice, might be a blessing in disguise,
So what if he has to go through the grind,
It only enriches him with many an invaluable find. 

The caged bird, in its eyes the sky, now aimed high,
All alone, along with the cage it tried to fly,
For once, he felt a hole in his black veiled haven,
The much longed shimmering sunlight creeping in.

Short of the digitized sky, its heart let out a cry,
His jury (he realized no mimicry) applauds it's try. 

Harrowing heart hates his harrowing head,
Haunting him invaluable loss, he quiet instead.
Left to His jury and Her decision,
Captured by thy goodness, no illusion. 

So while time flowed on, he still,
Quiet moments awaiting a thrill.
Dense fog walk, the road gently emerges clear,
Reminded him to live the moment without fear. 

But he prays for the one who gifts him a smile,
Because his heart still yearns to go many a mile. 

The Innocent River

From waterheads to where they all lie sans motion,
Paths varied, all but surrender to the dead ocean.
One kissed all Earth it flowed upon, be it projecting spines,
And gently soothed away the freckled frowning forehead lines.

While all ruthlessly raced, horse like unidirectional eye,
One not hustled to horrors, reflected in heart and light all natural glory.
Assured of its feather flow, mother permits her child to play,
While wrath waters wont witness unto oceans this privileged day.

Cities sleep sound beside it, knowing it’ll never stray,
Unlike waterfilled yet thirsty rivers, swell so scare life away.
Dark high hovering tomb, brightened only by suspended snow balls
Awe inspiring to those who respond to their patterned calls.
Wind and land its lyre, its music brightens up gloomy silence through falls.

Seemingly sleeping silken soft surface, unlike others growling with rage,
Home to lively marine life within like thoughts within a yogi sage.
Assuaging like a child’s smile- the radiant inverted rainbow,
A quiet moment on its banks rejuvenates one who still has miles to go.

Like time’s own flow, slow and steady,
It moves on ever so merrily.
While others died all ‘long’ life to quench their thirst,
Too late for redemption, why they’ve all finished first.

And as one of them after ‘long’, surrenders to the eternal slumber,
Enriched with all goodwill this world offers, this- the innocent river.

Nature's Lessons Unlearnt

Tug at a thing in Nature, you'll find the world connected,
Amongst us- filled pockets overflow, poor remain rejected.
Suppressing tiniest of phytoplanktons, nature doesn’t allow,
Its holding hands together that all natural things grow.

The mighty oceans welcome the river with gratification
Vast skies, no boundaries- beyond human imagination.
Step by step, nothing deters their determination
Bit by bit, they build their awe inspiring creation.
The bird’s nest- unparalleled inspiration-
Patiently put pieces together- reach your destination.

The river gallops forth eroding obstacles of rocks and stone
Dead end non existent, they fabricate a path of their own
Whereas, even the tiniest of tests results in human’s groan.

The unpretentious tree pours mercy sans expectation
We move not an inch towards kindness without apprehension.
Don’t sacrifice your being, it aint necessary to be carried along,
Lured into Judas Kiss, take the beaten path- temptation so strong.

Stand out, be the lotus, free yourself from burdens of repentation,
Don’t deceive to achieve, sweat along and enjoy the satisfaction.
Ladder case to heavens no materialistic can manufacture,
Active yet dormant lake, rejuvenating freshness of the garden
Just the gentle connection of conscience with nature.
Heavenly skies merge with the land of commons at the horizon.

Let humans not be the cancer of the planet,
Nature is teaching us, it might later not give a chance to repent.
Its time to lift the black curtains of advancement,
Nature is teaching us, its time to implement.


Resting thoughtlessly under the shades of life, never thinking ahead,
Nothing new did come by, it existed but worse than dead.
Like the last spark of a fizzled out fire,
A thought jolted it back to life, it now obsessed with a keen desire.

Yes, it was those bright, free to fly, soaring high,
It too wanted to metamorphosise from a caterpillar to a butterfly.
Diving deep into the world of knowledge, ate voraciously,
Clock ticking away, it desperate to accomplish its journey.

It so tiny would often be lost in the woods of words,
Distractions aplenty, an odd threat from the greedy birds.
Leaves, worms, insects tricked it; surrendering, it wanted to quit,
But it saw the butterfly, the endless sky, and greater grew its grit.

And as the age old would say
No determined has a full grey day.
The time did arrive, it perched on the gifted leaf,
And began its new journey driven by self belief.

As it weaved, it toiled, hassles hitting hard from all side,
Canst deter him to common silk for excellence it strived.
Patiently constructing its chrysalis, within it it would be poured,
By moments of madness, togetherness, wisdom, all things it so adored.

And now in its year of genesis,
Inspired from ones with developed chrysalis.
Ever awe struck by they who are the indirect propeller
of the infant, on the verge of detaching from their cremator.

And when this tiny caterpillar sees those greeted by the open sky,
Of those transformed by spiritual resurrection, it too wants to become a butterfly.
The butterfly- the vast skies are its playground, enhancing nature’s pristinity,
No sting, it just spreads smiles, making the world pretty.

But the caterpillar is warned, and it does deeply realize this,
Its only after surviving, fighting the pains has the butterfly attained bliss.
And thus this caterpillar is all excited to embark upon its journey,
Because it’s the journey that transforms into destination,
Just like the butterfly from the caterpillar after spiritual resurrection.

9-12 at Lecture Theater 2


Splash! Bang at the centre n i looked around
Every epsilon disk around me n chocolate I found..
i'm at the interior pt of this delicious chocolaty lake..
N a sign board across a bridge read k =const, c^+a^-e^=f(cake)..

As i gobble co-
ordinates n reach a boundary point..
How i wished S1Є(dooth decay) n S2Є(chocolate) were 2 sets disjoint..

While i tried to scamper across the bridge, Kalita sir asks me to find..
The force in each truss arm, n i generate an algo in my mind.
arms to calculate would be great, so i quickly eat up some..
Why, they were nothin but cheese rolls stickin on with chewing gum.

At the cake sign board, in fine print i see,
At the centroid of this is a hidden brownie.
Pappus rule did finally come in handy..
when i reached the co- ordinates nothin did i see..
Checked n found a calculation mistake-

(as always..)..n den finally reached the brownie

Out i crawl, havin filled my pockets with brownie, tummy filled,
N i spot this house nam
ed “Genesis” n enter it all thrilled.
Its staircase is α(alpha) helical in shape, n a quintessential example
Of interdisciplinary studies- scribbled on it was del
×f for each 
point n min. dist from the door usin Lagranges multiple.

But now f(hunger) attains an absolute maximum
Yup, its 12 n lim(t→12) f(h) results in f's supremum.

As i zoom back to reality, i 'surprised a lil' dig out from my pocket some money..
Its my turn today to host a core 1  party.