"The wind flows on making obstacles it's lyre,
While it still learns to distinguish among the fire."

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Bird and the Birda

Bustling brook, rustling leaves
Impatient lion dances as the beaver beaves.
Rues the birda aloud, insecure,
Declares the bird- i'm cooler for sure!

Buddies good they'd been, but not any more,
If its coolness, its not to be compromised for!
Ridiculous, rubbished birda, said it with a scoff,
Damnit, all right then, said the bird- lets have a face off.

Arrogance unrestrained, set forth the two;
Culinary skills, both inviting the animal kingdom for a chew.
Opened the birda and bird, [both veg] , a restaurant each,
On supplies they short, so badass birda stole the platypus's egg from the beach.
Laughed in merriment all animals at the birda's place,
Customers though few, the bird didn't stoop to disgrace.

One month later platypus's kids don't arrive,
Outraged bird asks- 'why this senseless strive?'
Loafed the lonely birda, alcohol coming to his heed,
Even the bird sad without his friend, got high on weed.

Rumbling, tumbling, through the jungle, bumped into each other, sobbed and hugged, and agreed they were as cool as another!


  1. The above is acrostic with the first letters in each line forming a phrase highlighting the theme of the poem.

  2. The above is a combined work of Mauli and me!