"The wind flows on making obstacles it's lyre,
While it still learns to distinguish among the fire."

Thursday, 20 September 2012


Taken out and happy,
But now receding.
Fear hovering heavy,
Belief bleeding.

Am i a drag
from the past?
The permanent tag
with shadows cast.

The change evident
and i consider,
The limbo and help distant,
Lugubrious fear.

Certain conviction
of the rolling wheel.
shall only heal!

Dusk has it gone
War or mercy
Everyday a dawn,
Sun - on happy duty.

Tender drops of rain,
Falleth on all they,
On every varied place-
absorbed or drained away.

Stars- distant
Jewels of heavenly bride,
Happy and content,
people look up sans or with sulky pride.

The soldier
Solid, singular- a human,
Looks beyond the blur,
Wounded, and is up again.

Books, smile they stacked,
People walk past.
But at length it talked
to readers with wisdom to last.

From the dot to the make,
Step back from the tunnel,
Woken up - now stay awake,
Don't let the wind waver the candle.

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