"The wind flows on making obstacles it's lyre,
While it still learns to distinguish among the fire."

Sunday, 29 January 2012

it and the other

It is that erected those talls,
While the other sang besides the falls.
It is that saw the waves, the sea,
While the other absorbed it's serenity.

It is that since yester years,
Constantly feeding the rationality it bears,
While the other, solemnly sees and hears,
And responds with smiles or tears.

For when it cried,
All saw, all tried.
The other- saturated, invisible drops,
Believes beautiful bonding beyond shops.

He goes on as far as it flies,
Until the other orders him otherwise.

The other almost confined to him alone
Knows him to the tiniest tone.
The other calls out to him,
For his joys or his grim.

It partially reveals- the world easily sees,
While only an other feels when the other conceals.

Loves to yonder, he, besides the lazy lake,
Now and then- loves to take a li'l break!

Do drop in to sing and laugh,
When he a whole- not split in half.
Happy remarks and a glued wide smile,
These- but guests for a li'l while.

Hitherto knew nothing, never felt it either
Separate worlds of it and the other-
in joy or when things pained
Both together smiled or complained.

Today- very few moments spent not battled
It has to smile, while both remain rattled.

Some day he'll abolish this duality
The two shall remain together merrily
It alone shall last a life
It the glue, not the knife.

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