"The wind flows on making obstacles it's lyre,
While it still learns to distinguish among the fire."

Saturday, 28 January 2012

9-12 at Lecture Theater 2


Splash! Bang at the centre n i looked around
Every epsilon disk around me n chocolate I found..
i'm at the interior pt of this delicious chocolaty lake..
N a sign board across a bridge read k =const, c^+a^-e^=f(cake)..

As i gobble co-
ordinates n reach a boundary point..
How i wished S1Є(dooth decay) n S2Є(chocolate) were 2 sets disjoint..

While i tried to scamper across the bridge, Kalita sir asks me to find..
The force in each truss arm, n i generate an algo in my mind.
arms to calculate would be great, so i quickly eat up some..
Why, they were nothin but cheese rolls stickin on with chewing gum.

At the cake sign board, in fine print i see,
At the centroid of this is a hidden brownie.
Pappus rule did finally come in handy..
when i reached the co- ordinates nothin did i see..
Checked n found a calculation mistake-

(as always..)..n den finally reached the brownie

Out i crawl, havin filled my pockets with brownie, tummy filled,
N i spot this house nam
ed “Genesis” n enter it all thrilled.
Its staircase is α(alpha) helical in shape, n a quintessential example
Of interdisciplinary studies- scribbled on it was del
×f for each 
point n min. dist from the door usin Lagranges multiple.

But now f(hunger) attains an absolute maximum
Yup, its 12 n lim(t→12) f(h) results in f's supremum.

As i zoom back to reality, i 'surprised a lil' dig out from my pocket some money..
Its my turn today to host a core 1  party.

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  1. this is brilliant. and i understand every bit, even the functions and limits that you have used :)