"The wind flows on making obstacles it's lyre,
While it still learns to distinguish among the fire."

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Nature's Lessons Unlearnt

Tug at a thing in Nature, you'll find the world connected,
Amongst us- filled pockets overflow, poor remain rejected.
Suppressing tiniest of phytoplanktons, nature doesn’t allow,
Its holding hands together that all natural things grow.

The mighty oceans welcome the river with gratification
Vast skies, no boundaries- beyond human imagination.
Step by step, nothing deters their determination
Bit by bit, they build their awe inspiring creation.
The bird’s nest- unparalleled inspiration-
Patiently put pieces together- reach your destination.

The river gallops forth eroding obstacles of rocks and stone
Dead end non existent, they fabricate a path of their own
Whereas, even the tiniest of tests results in human’s groan.

The unpretentious tree pours mercy sans expectation
We move not an inch towards kindness without apprehension.
Don’t sacrifice your being, it aint necessary to be carried along,
Lured into Judas Kiss, take the beaten path- temptation so strong.

Stand out, be the lotus, free yourself from burdens of repentation,
Don’t deceive to achieve, sweat along and enjoy the satisfaction.
Ladder case to heavens no materialistic can manufacture,
Active yet dormant lake, rejuvenating freshness of the garden
Just the gentle connection of conscience with nature.
Heavenly skies merge with the land of commons at the horizon.

Let humans not be the cancer of the planet,
Nature is teaching us, it might later not give a chance to repent.
Its time to lift the black curtains of advancement,
Nature is teaching us, its time to implement.

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