"The wind flows on making obstacles it's lyre,
While it still learns to distinguish among the fire."

Saturday, 28 January 2012

dump the haste

Measured talks
the change.
Escaping walks
the change.

Harrowing reality,
Heart and part
Suffering duality
Strange a start.

Monetary invasion
Invading calmness,
Calmness' rejection
Maintaining finesse.

Search a wow
Disregard a minor,
Kill this now
Live a player.

Different no s
Change his own,
Difference knows
Dethrones the throne.

Fun time
change cruel,
Now a crime
Internal duel.

Scanning credential
before conversation
This change disgusting
LOATHS this thinking.

Frozen now tears
were pearls hitherto,
Mirage disappears
Into the darkened blue.

Something suddenly hollow
Change, Ah! that 'morrow
Tear into the marrow,
lies joy or cries sorrow?

Strategies aplenty
cannot cheat,
Reminiscent purity
Repeats a beat.

Wheels roll,
Change the friction
Shaken stroll,
Ah! Just a silly sensation.

Haunting imagination
Change forced
Change divorced!

Dumps the haste
Amongst 'intimidating' talls,
Sun to the taste
Yearns to resemble falls.

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